Friday, June 19, 2009


I remember one time cleaning out my Dad's liquor cabinet, which had been growing with every type of unwanted liquor, from Schnapps to way-past-their-prime Ports, and sadly we poured out 4 or 5 bottles of my Grandfather's Early Times bourbon, inherited on his passing, probably 10 years or more aged in the bottle on the shelf. We thought we would never drink it, it smelled so foul it made us wretch, but I know now that he probably drank it every day and bought it by the case. It's funny to me when people pick one drink and stick with it forever – their signature drink.

Yesterday I was at the liquor store, and lately loving on Manhattans and ryes on-the-rocks, I decided to try something new instead of my standard, the Old Overholt. The price was $15.10 and the bottle looked so authentic I decided I might live blog this new taste. The live blog never made it off the ground but the bottle was opened, and although I wanted it to be a new find (the price was right and the label was beautiful), it was sadly over-oaked and suffered from the vanilla flavors on top of the bourbon base.

But it is Rye, and like its brother bourbon, it warms you up and takes the edge off a hard day's work. Come over sometime and I'll pour you a drink.

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Bridget said...

My grandfather loved Old Crow Whiskey, and we all took shots at his funeral party (his decision, not ours---it's pretty bad whiskey :D)

But the taste always reminds me of him...