Monday, June 22, 2009

The incredible, edible egg

Some old family photos that just re-surfaced:

My mom and my uncle Perry collecting eggs on my grandpa Don's chicken farm, Vashon Island, ca.1951

My mom's kindergarten class, Vashon Island – that's her in the middle row, fourth from our left. Click to enlarge – the back row looks like trouble.

Don Woodfin Poultry Farm float, Vashon parade, early 1950s. The sign on the front of the truck says
"How do you like these Chickens?"

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Betty MacDonald Fan Club said...

Thanks a Million for sharing these wonderful photos.
Are there any photos with Don Woodfin and Betty MacDonald?
We heard he finished his autobiography.
Will it be published?
Many Betty MacDonald Fans would love to read Don's autobiography.
What a personality!!!!!!!!!!