Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day to Day

Miscellaneous recent photos:

Rude finger gestures from such a pristine lady.

Snoqualmie Falls. Way too crowded but still cool to see.

My buddy Jason at Big Green Egg-fest '09. That nugget on the toothpick is a little smokey and cream cheese in a half-jalapeño, wrapped in bacon.

My dad's truck in front of Oddfellows.

More of this guy.

There are a lot of little stickers, paste-ups, etc. around the world but for whatever reason I really like this character – if anyone knows who it is, let me know.

Emily at Greg Kucera Gallery yesterday (thank you for the reminder General Bonkers). Show closes Saturday – see it if you can, it's really good.

Rodriguez afternoon show at the Triple Door. (Hear it at KEXP.)

Everyone hates on crows because of their laid-back freegan lifestyle. I actually am kind of a fan – they're beautiful when you look at them up close. This one was taking a bath in a puddle of water near my office this morning.

More lil' smokies, these ones cooked in Manny's Pale Ale at Calamity Jane's in Georgetown.

Not to be all Eric Cartman and explain my photos or anything but I liked the red, green and yellow in this picture.

And I liked the greens in this one. The end.

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Joey Veltkamp said...

The stickers are by Starhead boy (

Also, Target Practice looks rad! SAM invited me to lead a tour for the exhibition -- you and Emily will have to come. :)