Friday, June 26, 2009

Old records in my crib

Is that a Swing Out Sister 45? Yes. Yes, it is.

Alright, here's the deal. When I started this blog, one of my major intentions was to digitize a ton of old records and post the mp3 files and album covers for your multi-sensory enjoyment.

This magical blue box converts analog vinyl recordings to mp3.

Obviously I've been slipping – I haven't posted any old stuff for quite awhile. There were a few big moves to contend with, and my records were in boxes for months, and then they weren't, but they were completely out of order. Chaos and darkness reigned.

Thankfully, it was just a phase. Now everything's filed on these beautiful shelves my dad made for our apartment, and the whole system is up and running again. There will be no excuses going forward. The little blue box is back in effect, and I'll be posting old records again on the regular.

Hopefully I'll get around to mix tapes too at some point.

My plan is to fire up the converter every morning when Jeans and I do our daily calisthenics on the floor of the record room (say what you will about us, but our multi-tasking skills are unflameable).

Jeans' idea of a workout is making himself look as cute as possible so that everyone will stop what they're doing and pet him. My idea of a workout is...let's just say I still look like Burl Ives.
But I carry on.

To kick off this new mp3 extravaganza I thought I would post a small selection of the rest of the records I found on our cross-country roadtrip last fall. I stopped posting records after Bozeman
for no particular reason (I'm sure you noticed...) but I know America needs closure, so without further ado, here's a selection of what I hauled out of Missoula, Moscow, and Palouse.

Brother Jack McDuff Oblighetto mp3

Those two are both solid records, but I mostly just got them for the covers – so fresh.

Some good ol' soundtracks. I love my soundtracks.
André Previn Executive Party Dance mp3 from the Rollerball OST

I never had this on vinyl.

While we're admitting stuff, hey, I kind of liked "I Can't Think About Dancing" when it came out. Not as much as their first album, which deserves its own post, but still.

The Standells Black Hearted Woman mp3

I meant to digitize some of these and haven't gotten to it, oops.

Aorta Ode To Missy Mztsfpklk mp3
(listen to the ending at your own psychic peril)

A classic in my house when I was a kid.
Ellen McIlwaine Can't Find My Way Home mp3 (Steve Winwood cover)

El Chicano Viva Tirado mp3

This is just-okay psyche pop but I like the cover a lot.

This last one has a skip in it – a lot of my records are sort of scratched up, I have never been a stickler about buying the mintiest vinyl – but I believe Bob McGrath's lyrics explain why I'm posting them anyway.

Bob McGrath So It Doesn't Whistle mp3

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