Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shades of Gray

Cinematographer Pierre Lhomme's color tests from the production of Jean-Pierre Melville’s Army of Shadows. More images at the Criterion blog.

After almost a full month of sunny-and-75º, gray weather is threatening Seattle again. I actually don't mind it – walking out of the office last night to meet my mom for drinks at the Hideout, the rain had made everything smell fresh (there's a specific word for that phenomenon, I can't remember it). The gray skies remind you that it won't in fact be sunny forever and that you have to take advantage of it while you can. The Northwest is truly unbeatable when it's nice out.

That's all. I just wanted to quickly discuss the weather. More than other places I've lived, the weather here is like an actual personality at play in your life, and you have to acknowledge it.

Speaking of Criterion and darkness, I wanted to mention that on the recommendation of Merchbot's Movie Reviews, we just watched the 1961 noir Blast of Silence. I also highly recommend it, though possibly as a rainy day activity, rather than the way we watched it, hungover on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Here's the trailer:

Check out another clip and the Merchbot review here. For more info about the Criterion DVD click here and here.

Now go outside and play.

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Quinn said...

How Delightful. I LOVE Melville films and I am currently reading a very pleasurable book on Melville and his films by some knowledgeable French cinephile (the book is in English).

I thought his framing was incredible, the exposures were great (so I like the photographs above as evidence of his care to cinematography), and the cadence of his story telling appeals to me. Melville and Kubrick are probably my two favorite directors.

Great minds think alike ...