Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Working on Leaving

Over at Monitor Mix Carrie Brownstein has been writing about moving (and more specifically about moving her music collection). This is of interest to me because I have less than six weeks to get my shite together and do the same. I remember when I was a kid my mom had some Goethe quote on the bulletin board (I will not attempt to paraphrase it here) about life, errr whatever, being the process of figuring out what to let go of and what to hold on to. It's easy to get rid of everything in one fell swoop, or to get rid of nothing at all, but how do you decide what has lasting value and gets to stay in that middle part of the venn diagram that is you?

I'm not just talking about records. The shit is complicated.

Brownstein writes that "Memory is as good of a storage space as anything." I'm going to repeat that to myself a bunch over the next couple weeks and then I'm going to get to work on re-curating my life.

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