Thursday, August 7, 2008


I just ran across the Flickr page of photographer Tom Palumbo, who shot extensively in the 1950s and '60s for Harper's Bazaar and Vogue, among many other publications. There are so many great photographers out there whose work sort of falls through the cracks (either that or I am just ignorant for never knowing his name—I do recognize some of the work). Here's a small selection:

Hammock IV (probably taken around 1959-1960)

Jack Kerouac circa 1956

And the girls get drunk...

An experiment with glass and graffiti

Smoke Curls

Anne St. Marie, Harper's Bazaar, 1957

Vogue, early 1960s

Outtake for Harper's Bazaar, 1958. Taken in New Jersey at some kind of industrial plant. I'm going to steal this idea for a shoot at Gasworks Park in Seattle some time.

Harper's Bazaar, 1954. Critical Mass fashion story, anyone?

Miles Davis. Palumbo's archivist notes that "The Miles Davis are remarkable because they show Miles laughing and smiling, something he never seems to have done later. Perhaps the reason the negatives were not printed at the time was that Tom knew that Miles would not have liked these pictures, which most definitely conflicted with that 'cool guy' persona that we see in most images of him."

More info at and on his Flickr page.

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