Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Drive-By Truckers

Here are some pics from an EPIC scouting trip Emily and I took to the Olympic Peninsula last weekend.

Friday after work we took the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston and spent the night in Port Townsend, rolling in around 10pm and securing a room, then finding a bar, ordering a pizza, and watching some aging hippies in camp shirts dance to the kind of quasi-Chicago blues band that always reminds me of Buck's in Bellingham circa 1990.

Not sure if you can see but there's a dog in the driver's seat.

"Discover Your Northwest"

On Saturday we got up early and drove the entire day, all the way up to Clallam Bay and on down the coast, with a brief stop at a Forks roadhouse for late lunch and the Kentucky Derby.

Double quonset hut = butt hutt

Friends I made in La Push

We hit almost every beach possible for about 10 minutes each, and ended up staying at a motel on Lake Quinault, across the street from the world's largest Sitka Spruce.

This is not the largest Sitka Spruce in the world.
This is one of the largest Cedar trees in the world.

Emily doing what she does best: maxing, relaxing.

Sunday we continued south through Aberdeen, Westport, Tokeland, and Raymond before heading over to Chehalis and back home.

Might not sound like much but I'm telling you...



Kristina said...

Classic. X to the O.

Heidi said...

I spent my honeymoon at Kalaloch Lodge. The big timbers and Beach # 4 I will never forget.

christina said...

i need venture out of the city limits more this springs/summer..

ashley said...

What an amazing trip! And DAMN dat white girl sure can jump!

Anonymous said...

You may have just inspired a road trip...

dana said...

That second to last picture is a great shot. I like that they even got into having their photo taken and threw in a peace sign. good sports.

I really want to go to wherever that last beach photo was taken!

salmongang said...

ooh, that looks fun... decompression.