Thursday, July 15, 2010

Taken By Trees

We stopped by and saw this tree the other weekend – it's 1000 years old and the largest known Sitka Spruce tree in the world at just under 60 feet in circumference. Living in the Quinault Valley (Olympic National Forest), it receives an average rainfall of 12 feet per year. In the same valley are the world's largest Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, and Mountain Hemlock, and the largest Yellow Cedar and Western Hemlock trees in the USA.

It's a really big tree. I recommend checking it out. Afterward you can have lunch at the diner down the road. I had a grilled salmon burger.

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Kristina Alayan said...

I thought Oregon had the largest Sitka Spruce tree!! Apparently I'm not the only one who has encountered this apparent conflict:

Sadly, "Klootchy" is no longer with us:, so however you measure them, the Washington Sitka is now the unchallenged champion.