Saturday, July 17, 2010

11:46 PM


The B-52's "Legal Tender" from Whammy (Warner Bros, 1983).

This was one of the first records I bought with my own money – I remember going to Tower Records on Mercer and buying The Clash
Combat Rock, David Bowie Let's Dance, and The B-52's Whammy.

[First record I ever owned: Donna Summer
On the Radio (gift from my Aunt Shan). Second: Billy Joel Glass Houses (gift from my cousin Sarah). Third: Gerry Rafferty City to City (from my dad – we used to like hearing "Baker Street" when we'd drive to his shop in Totem Lake and we searched it out).]

Later my friend Gray and I went to see The B-52s at the Coliseum with two girls on acid and it was great.


Peteski said...

After an overdose, a short 10 day-or-so coma, and a short stay in a lock-up I was back on the streets but not 100% me. How I found out that I was not right in the head yet, was the look my girlfriend gave me when I came home from the record store with "Whammy".

Please, don't be offended.

I did see them open for the Talking Heads in ca. 1980 and they (B52s) blew their (TH) doors off.

Valéry Lorenzo said...

This is one of the first band i heard (the yellow album, planet claire...)
So what a very good idea !! Going back to the B52'S !!
Thank you !

Anonymous said...

First cassette tape bought with my own money: Bowie, Let's Dance, second, Synchronicity.