Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Past Imperfect

Our friend Chad just launched an app for the iPhone called Bad Camera. Basically it is what it says: an application that applies digital glitches to your iPhone photos, replicating weird effects on traditional film caused by light leaks, expired film, emulsion drips, scratches, and approximately fifty other beautiful accidents.

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit I'm both iPhone and app deficient, so this is impossibly cool to me, and yet one more reason why I've decided to trade in ye olde Crackberry. Those of you already living in the future can get more info at badcameraapp.com, or go straight to the app store and download Bad Camera for a mere $1.99.

1 comment:

dana said...

I love this idea! I too am not a iphone owner yet but when I do finally catch up with the world this is on the list of must buy apps. SUch a great idea on your friend's part.