Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Image of the Day

This was a weird thing in the sky when I left the apartment around 7:30AM the other day to go have breakfast at Glo's with my dad – two crossed jet streams that both went from one horizon to the other. Never saw that before. The wonders never cease around here.


Anonymous said...

This must say something about me, but I wouldn't have known that's a weird sight. Do you think the pilots knew each other and purposely crossed paths, then flew in opposite directions? Could you see what the streams looked like behind the building? Or did they originate far apart, then fly toward each other and cross behind the building? Now I care.

Strath said...

I wondered if it was some Boeing thing, it seems like it had to be planned – they were totally perpendicular.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a "comment", but I asked a cousin to ask her Boeing engineer husband about the jet streams. You probably already know as much, but this is what she finally wrote back. It does seem that it was intentional; maybe for the fun of it.

"His only remark was that the FAA would not allow two planes to fly at the same altitude and cross paths like that. Most likely the planes were flying at very different altitudes. You can't really tell from the picture because you can't see the place where the two lines actually cross."

Strath said...

Thank you, that's good to know! They did seem at different altitudes.

Anyway it was cool... a benefit of living in Jet City.