Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's It Look Like, Ace

Some quick neighborhood snaps with the new camera Emily gave me for my birthday.

The quality is not quite as high as with our bigger camera (a Canon 20D) but the new one is tiny, so I can bring it with me everywhere I go – plus, it shoots HD video and has a million cool features, including the ability to shoot well without a flash in extremely low light. I love it.


Valéry Lorenzo said...

Focus your heart !!
Friendly yours

Valéry Lorenzo said...

Oh sorry ! :-)
I'm late but happy birthday to you !!
I'm now listenning to Irma Thomas (you know).
"Straight from the soul"

Strath said...

Thank you!! I appreciate all your comments. Can't go wrong with Irma Thomas.

Lee said...

those window shots are great compositions with the reflections...it's like getting 2 photographs in one...very fall mood, nice!

Dr. P said...

Make and model of said camera, Brougham. My current slip-into-the-Timbuk 2 bag is one of those Sanyo flip cams. Love it.

Strath said...

Oh yeah, I guess that would be helpful – it's a Sony POWERSHOT! DSC-WX1 (hollered exclamation mine).