Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Image of the Day

. Robert Yoder: Beryl , 2009 (vinyl and collage on paper,
14" x 11") at
Howard House, Seattle.

Sometimes I have a reaction to color that is the same reaction other people have to Sam Cooke singing. S
omething about these two colors together in particular just kills me. I had the same reaction to this. But yes, I like the composition, I like the white space... I like things that are collaged... I don't know anything about Robert Yoder but his other work looks great too. But this one especially.

[via Another Bouncing Ball]


Valéry Lorenzo said...

There's a figure... no ?
Like in Rauschenberg's painting, sometimes ?

Valéry Lorenzo said...

I didn't Robert Yoder so thank you again !