Wednesday, November 25, 2009

7 Things

Portfolio, a new Steidl-produced printing of Robert Frank's photography portfolio at the time he moved from Switzerland to the US, in 1947, at the age of 23. Visit steidlville to view images.

Rainydawg Radio, an underground radio station from the University of Washington. Production value very low but I was listening in my office all last night and I don't think they played a single bad song. Old and new stuff, a big variety. You can listen online – click here.

Kimberly Ovitz PF2010. Very minimal and modern, kind of one idea done a bunch of different ways. I think Emily would like this stuff, but she's under 7 million schoolbooks right now, so I'm posting it for her. Hi Em.

Wine box floor boards. The chicness...the chicness.

My favorite Land Rover, featured in a New York Times article about Land Rovers a few years back. I know, I know... I've just been thinking about these a lot lately.

Irving Penn's first Vogue cover, October 1943. Beautiful colors, composition, and typography.

I can't remember where this came from but I love it

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Valéry Lorenzo said...

Robert Frank forever and Penn idem !
Scalo published a very beautifull little book of Frank's friends and the tittle is Thank you.
It's a little jewel !
Strath, let me tell you that you have rather good taste !