Thursday, June 4, 2009

Close your eyes and press play

We are about to move into our new house this weekend after staying with my in-laws for an unmentionable amount of time, and although they are great (and gracious) it is definitely a moment whose time has come. I have been severely deprived of blasting my music and of access to my records, and despite some attempts early on to stake out a mini collection of records that I can play here in the house when no adults are home, it's been tough. Following is a list of some of the hodge-podge, random songs I have acquired from records bought over these long months – the eclectic but often rewarding list of songs I will forever associate with my time here in purgatory. It's sort of like if you were stranded on an island and there was a record store with only a dollar bin to choose from.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy please send check or money order for $5 to my attention, along with a self addressed and stamped envelope and one cassette tape or CD. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery :

0. Pacific Gas & Electric, "Constitutional Stand" intro, Pacific Gas & Electric LP

1. Grace Jones, "Nightclubbing", Nightclubbing LP

2. John Lennon with the Plastic Ono Band, "Cold Turkey", Shaved Fish LP

3. Queen, "Play the Game", The Game LP

4. Van Halen, "Mean Streets", Fair Warning LP

5. Busy Signal, "Unknown Numbers", 7"

6. The Clipse, "Ma I Don't Love Her", Lord Willin' LP

7. Chic, "Savoir Faire", C'est Chic LP

8. Jay-Z, "Dead Presidents", Dead Presidents 12"

9. War, "Slippin' Into Darkness", All Day Music LP

10. Dobie Gray, "Rocking Chair", Drift Away LP

11. Bad Company, "Shooting Star", Straight Shooter LP

12. The Rolling Stones, "Angie", Goats Head Soup LP

13. Sharon Jones w/ Ticklah, "How long do I have to wait for you?", 7"

I have included an image of the Pacific Gas & Electric album cover because if you look close, these guys are all sitting on a bed in a hotel smiling crazy at you with a couple guns on the bed in front of them. I love it....

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