Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sister Europe

This coming Saturday, May 9th, is Europe Day, which commemorates the day in 1950 on which the French Foreign Minister, Robert Schuman, presented his proposal for the creation of an organized Europe. The proposal, known as the Schuman Declaration, is considered to be the beginning of the creation of what is now the European Union.

Each May in New York, Ambassador Fernando M. Valenzuela, head of the delegation of the European Union to the United Nations, hosts a Europe Day party. I had the pleasure of designing the party invitation for the 50th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration in 2007, and for this year's party as well (the front cover is shown above – letterpressed blue stripes and yellow stars). If you're in New York look up at the Empire State Building and it will be lit up in blue and gold, the colors of the EU flag.

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Lee said...

the final design came out great - the simplicity really captures it! It amazes me how you can keep makin' it fresh.