Friday, May 8, 2009

Closing and Opening

Two things on the radar tonight:

Sarah Kavage The Long Road West, 2008

1. Closing party at Vermillion for the Headwaters of Industry show featuring Sarah Kavage & Erin Morrison.

2. Opening party for Ghost of Plants, featuring new work from Heidi Anderson, at Cairo.

Also, some Rainier tall boys. And then after that: sleep, because we're getting up early to go on our first camping trip of the season to Rialto Beach. That's near Forks, for all you Twilight fans out there (don't lie! it was kinda good).

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Quinn said...

In re Twilight. I'm a big fan of the bloodsucker cinema genre, but I thought Twilight was shallow and transparently targeted at prissy high school females (think abstinence practitioners). As the writer hails from the good LDS church, it was no wonder.

To show that I am also shallow, I think The Lost Boys is brilliant.