Friday, August 29, 2008

Welcome to the Lower 48. Now Leave.

What the F? I know a lot of still-pissed, irrational Hillary voters will jump ship, but this woman is completely unprepared to be Vice President, let alone President and Commander if McCain dies. If anyone ever says "Obama is inexperienced" we now have permission to kind of aggressively chuckle, maybe a little too loudly, as we wag a finger at the weird-ass McCain/Palin ticket. My friends, I predict about a 7% chance that she will step down in few weeks, Harriet Miers style, as it becomes clear that the GOP's cuckoo birthday boy has chosen a female Dan Quayle from the middle of nowhere.

Also, why hasn't there been even more press on the fact that McCain called his wife a C word? I guarantee that the only thing that gets the aforementioned still-pissed, irrational Hillary supporters more pissed and irrational is usage of the C word.

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Sky said...

Picking a former beauty queen, and only a runner up at that, is the strangest choice I could imagine. At 72 it would be in the best interest of McCain to pick a running mate who, only 3 years ago, was the mayor of Wasilla, AK. Having lived in the great state of Alaska, I can tell you, the only thing Wasilla is famous for is the enormous pumpkins.