Saturday, August 23, 2008

We Still Got That Meat Lover's Pizza in the Trunk

Just one more plug for our stoop sale tomorrow – we're still adding stuff by the minute and it's going to be a pretty amazing little collection, if I do say so myself.
...and more magazines...

...and books. We've added a bunch more books. Design books, fashion books, history books, other books.

There are also some random VHS tapes for sale...

...and a few copies of the Visionaire "Exquisite Corpse" DVD.

There's actually a lot of random Visionaire stuff. This is a somewhat beat-up but still worthwhile copy of no.15, "Cinderella."

So anyway, I'll leave it at that, a lot of interesting things to be found. Please stop by.

Sunday, August 24, 9:30am–4pm
14 Saint Felix Street
between Fulton and DeKalb
Fort Greene, Brooklyn


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