Thursday, August 21, 2008

Keep on Movin'

Here are just a few of the things we're selling this Sunday at our stoop sale in Fort Greene. (This does not even begin to get into the clothing. Anyone who knows my wife Imelda Marcos Nan Kempner Emily knows she is obsessed with fashion.) There will also be some furniture, kitchen stuff, CDs... a little bit of everything. The stoop will be chock full of bargains—and we'll be sipping on sizzurp and playing fast and loose with the till, so everyone wins.

It would not be a stoop sale at 14 Saint Felix Street without a gang of dope records. There will be about 5-6 crates total and most (including those you see here) will only be $2. I believe it was the RZA who once said "We gotta move. We gotta move, baby."

Visionaire 27: Movement (display copy). Designed by J. Abbott Miller, with contributions by Martin Margiela, Peter Saville, Nick Knight, Hussein Chalayan, the Steves (Meisel, Klein), Alexander McQueen, Mario Testino, and the usual gang of characters.

This book would be really cheesy, except for the fact that it was designed by Herb Lubalin, with photographs by Gary Winogrand.

A whole bunch of other books. You must learn.

This vintage film editor. It's way cool-looking but I don't really edit films. I always thought I might make some kind of film strip art project out of it but who has time for such things. You are reading my art project.

All these male fragrances I got for free when I worked at Visionaire. They all smell lovely, but I don't really wear the stuff, for fear of smelling European.

A ton of magazines.

Some packs of old Polaroid film that have been in our freezer for about nine years.

...and much, much more, all priced to move. Stop by and help us finance an epic roadtrip.

Sunday, August 24th, rain or shine
14 Saint Felix Street between Fulton & DeKalb
Fort Greene, Brooklyn

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JMW said...

Oh, man. I am super, SUPER bummed that I won't be around for this sale. Vintage records! Old magazines! Old books! European smells! OK, well, not that last one. But the others! Damn my annual sojourn to Saratoga! Damn it straight to hell!!