Friday, April 4, 2008

Market Fresh

The brand new Brooklyn Flea kicks off this Sunday in Fort Greene. When I first moved to New York I went to the Chelsea flea markets every weekend (sometimes even twice) and my record collection just about doubled. Sadly, the two major parking lots there are now luxury condos, and the Hell's Kitchen market never really got up to speed—so I'm psyched for this new one, especially since it's so close to my house. I'm going to make a habit of posting whatever I find there, so look for that on Mondays from now on. Here are some pics from the old Chelsea days (and one from the LES, also a good spot if you get there early).

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FleaSpeech said...

Hmmmm. Actually Hell's Kitchen Flea Market is experiencing its highest level of average weekend foot traffic since it opened, and as New York Magazine wrote in their article about Hell's Kitchen South, "The flea market is here to stay." Alan Boss founded the flea markets in 1976. It took 5 years before they "took off." Markets take some time to develop and neighborhoods to become sufficiently residential. I think the assessment that HKFM never took off is incorrect. It is growing, with 4-5 new residential buildings under construction within a few blocks, and a hotel coming up on the corner of the market.