Sunday, March 30, 2008

Some things I got Emily for her birthday.

La Perla.

Requisite lighting-related gifts.
Silver-Dipped Light Bulbs (not real silver, that's just what they call them), and a Porcelain Owl Lamp which combines two of Emily's major obsessions: Owls; Various Forms of Muted Lighting.

Streetwise book
I had been looking for this book forever, and finally found it at Left Bank Books in the West Village (the owner is originally from Eugene, Oregon). Mary Ellen Mark was kind enough to sign it for me. More on Streetwise in a future post.

Black Pumps.

"About a Son" and "2001: A Space Odyssey" DVDs.
These covers go together pretty well—maybe they should package them together as a special edition.

Issey Miyake Pleats Please dress.
It's basically just a big piece of really intricately pleated fabric, and comes with a booklet showing sixty different ways you can wear it. (Photo of Racquel Zimmerman in Issey Miyake by David Sims, from Future Shock, in V45.)


Lee said...

LUCKY PUP! I gotta see that funky owl lamp and that amazing dress. I miss my girl - Happy Birthday again Emily.

c. canoe said...

One of those streetwise kids came to my house, when i was in high school. it is an amazing film, and hard to believe at times.

i am looking forward to you guys being back in the 206. happy belated to the missus.

cj barney said...

strath....stacy & i were looking thru your blog and i will try to do her comment justice (regarding em's birthday presents): "La Perla lingerie is GOR-GEOUS....I think that's a present for her and for him"! so, basicly she gave you two thumbs up...nice job!