Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sunny and Cold

More cold-weather crabbing with my brother and friend Josh.

These photos do not really capture how beautiful it was yesterday – the water was fairly calm, the North Cascades were covered with snow and the moon was gigantic in the sky when we headed back at the end of the day....

And this time we got our limit. The rules, in case you don't know: each person can have two crab pots and is allowed to take 5 Dungeness per day, but they have to be male and the shell at least 6.25" wide.

3 people x 5 each = 15 delicious crabbies

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Jason Hansen said...


Feed the world - my skipper used to say this after hauling in a "suitcase" - a pot filled with crab.

Fun to catch - fun to clean with beer