Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fate Hunter

I forgot to post these final photos from our San Juans trip.

On our last day we got in really late and decided we'd just stay the night at the dock in Everett. These are from the next morning, when it was really foggy and cold, and the current was going haywire.

This beautiful sailboat was parked in front of us. The whole thing is just navy blue, white, wood, and stainless steel, and I liked the type on the title, Osprey.

On kind of the other side of the spectrum, this boat is called the White Wind. Do you know how white you'd have to be to name your boat the White Wind?

Eastern Hunter (New Bedford, Mass), sister of Fate Hunter (Astoria, Oregon)

We made coffee at the dock on our small propane stove. Later in the morning Emily fell and dislocated her shoulder. But it was still kind of a fun morning (that aside, obviously).

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ashley said...

forget white, how about brown?