Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Coming to Flex

.Front and back cover of the forthcoming Flexions LP Golden Fjord, designed for the newly-minted Cairo Records by yours truly.

The album is out August 2nd and in addition to band members Robin Stein, Devin Welch, and Tyler Swan, also features Margaret Jones and Morgan Henderson (Fleet Foxes, Past Lives, Blood Brothers, and, perhaps most importantly, Mt. Henderson).

Here's the first video, by Chris Ando and the homey Robert M. Wolfe, who is best known for design work with Wavves and Best Coast:

Flexions play at the Wildrose on July 9th and the release party is August 5th at Chop Suey. Mark them calendars. More info here.

1 comment:

Lee said...

that is some powerful imagery given the name of the album; brings on all kinds of fjordish connotations and makes me want to hear the song lyrics. Nice work!!