Thursday, March 3, 2011


Also tonight—CMRTYZ presents:
Cassie Ramone (Vivian Girls, The Babies) is installing an aisle of Walgreen's - not a realistic, actual aisle, but rather a "super-aisle" filled with products sold at big-name drugstores that she's attracted to. So far, items for inspiration are: boxes of hair dye, waxing/hair removal products, fake nails/eyelashes, Hanes t-shirts and underwear, condoms, cosmetics aisle items such as lipstick and nail polish, chapstick, the magazine rack, Ziploc bags, As Seen On TV products, fungal cream, wrist braces, and surely there will be many more to come. Thick lines on the wall to represent "shelves" and on pricing- the pieces will be determined by moving the decimal point on the actual product over one (if a box of hair dye is $8.99 the piece will be $89).
Plus: after party with The Pharmacy, Cassie Ramone, TacocaT, Battle Stations. More info and additional greatness at CMRTYZ.

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