Thursday, March 24, 2011

Boom & Bust

Forty years ago today Congress cancelled government funding for the Boeing 2707 (aka the SST – Supersonic Transport).

The company almost immediately laid off more than 50% of its workforce, temporarily crippling the economy of the Pacific Northwest (though I know it didn't feel temporary). Real estate agents Bob McDonald and Jim Youngren erected this sign near the aiport on Highway 99 and it became a Seattle icon:

KUOW aired an interesting show on the Boeing Bust this morning – click here to listen – and click here to watch a Braniff promotional video promoting supersonic travel: "You don't have to carry a passport, because a friendly computer already knows more about you than you do."


Beezer said...

I remember my parents talking about this sign when I was a kid in the seventies...I never actually saw it so it's wierd to see it here.

Strath said...

Pacific Standard is the 1970s.