Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Rules of Attraction

I have always hated it when people refer to inanimate objects as "sexy" (as in, and I know I'm dating myself but it's the first example I thought of: "Lotus is such a sexy space"). It just kind of makes my skin crawl. The thing is, there are very rare examples where it's kind of the only thing you can say. Are you going to call this chair sensual? Do you wear partially unbuttoned shirts with a tab collar? How about sultry? Hey, clean it up, you. (Or was that seriously a Throw Momma from the Train reference? Either way: fail.)

I suppose this chair – the Cervo Chair by architect Antonio Pio Saracino – is literally steamy, as that wood is not going to curve itself, and is clearly provocative, as I felt provoked to stare and talk about it. But really, what is it? It's sexy. It's a sexy chair. I admit it.

Also available in black leather (pretty much seals it). Click
here for info.

[via AnOther]

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