Friday, September 17, 2010

Records I Own Only For the Cover

Another intermittent series on ye olde blog.

I've been doing some weeding of the collection recently. As much as the music on these is unremarkable or bad, I have to keep them for the covers alone.

Plus, who knows, I might listen to them another time and like them.

Imagine the horror if I thought "what I really need right now is some soul sauce," only to realize that I had given that record away on some forgotten whim. Unacceptable.

Or what happens if I'm feelin' saxy and I can't find my Herb Larson record, because I gave it away, just because it's horrible? Do you think Herb Larson would do that to you?



JMW said...

That soul sauce record cover is a national treasure. Holy cow.

I've been off the blogging grid the last week or so, so I just saw your post about pneumonia! Hope you're back in the saddle!!

Janet said...

Yes, I too collect partially for the covers. I've only just started. Showing a few is an idea for my next blog.