Thursday, June 24, 2010

Image of the Day

Still from Martha Colburn's One and One is Life, 2009 (16mm film converted to DVD with sound, 5 minutes) – currently on view at Ambach & Rice gallery in Ballard. I haven't seen the show yet but Emily and I saw Colburn's Myth Labs at James Cohan in New York awhile back and it was mesmerizing, so I'm gonna go ahead and recommend it. Visit Ambach & Rice and for more.

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Publikhair said...

I went and saw it two weeks ago,really great stuff.Kinda reminds me of Darger meets Monty Python,I heard she can only get like 4 seconds of footage a day so crazy very impressive.She has some great polaroids as well which remind me alot of Les Krims which aint a bad thing.And they are so nice at Ambach & Rice I really hope they make it up to my show and you guys as well shameless plug what!!!