Thursday, May 27, 2010


We've already posted a few times about The Gentlewoman, which is my favorite magazine to come out in quite awhile (in Seattle you can pick it up for $10.95 at Elliott Bay Books), but here are some other current magazines that I recommend.

032c – based in Berlin, always worth picking up for smart fashion, art and design.

25 – a great looking new title, edited by Anja Rubik (pictured above left as well as on the cover of 032c) and her boyfriend Sasha Knezevic.

The Last Magazine – co-founded by Tenzin Wild, with whom I collaborated on several projects at Visionaire. Folded out, it's the size of a big poster, which forces you to lay it out on the table and really experience turning the beautifully printed pages. Content-wise it's kind of all over the place, like a Sunday afternoon where you don't have any plans but to walk around and see what happens.

Aperture – a much more dense issue than usual, with expansive features on too many great photographers to name here. Also included is a Polaroid-sponsored supplement featuring Mary Ellen Mark, Chuck Close, Joel Meyerowitz, and others discussing the merits of instant film.

And finally:

Self Service – I've mentioned it before – it's maybe my all-time favorite magazine, and this is one of their best recent issues. Yes, it's $32, but you're not going to throw it out, so on that level you should consider it an inexpensive photography book (and it is hardback, if that helps). The front section has an extended series of fashion photographs, all mixed together, by Daniel Jackson, Roger Dekker, Richard Burbridge, Max Farago, and others, and the entire well is made up of polaroids of a variety of people by Ezra Petronio. Here are some of those:

Some day I'll have my own newsstand.

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