Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Need vs. Want

Emily and I (independently of each other) spotted this Porter chair in the window of Area 51.

These ones are cool too...

...but I like the potato sack burlap of the top one. However:

No room for a new chair
$1495 price tag
Cats would destroy it inside of 8 seconds in the apartment


John said...

Cats indeed love that tight, curvey upholstery. Maybe hold out for a leather one. Or to be really safe, a Lockheed Lounge style.

cherrycanoe said...

i, too, have been lusting for that chair in the window of area 51 since i first spied it. sigh.

Valéry Lorenzo said...

Is it a Eames chair behind the chair that you love ?

Strath said...

I think so but I'm not sure... I haven't allowed myself to actually go into the store.