Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

One princess-worthy dress
[Marios Schwab for Halston, Spring 2010;
approximation, $895 at Bergdorf Goodman]


One functional jacket with pockets for essentials
[Combat field jacket with liner,
$49.95 at
Uncle Sam's]


One pair of sensible shoes, to swap for your heels
[Lacer work boots, $124.99 at]


Your portable beverage of choice*
[photo by fredabercrombie via flickr]

A good supply of matches, for the campfire
[via the matchbook registry]


Prom night, Northern Idaho style.

*Just by way of example. Pacific Standard does not endorse underage drinking.


Strath said...

yes it does

Mean, mean Lezlie Jean said...

Huh, the Iron Horse. I used to hang out there and drink Derailers.