Wednesday, November 18, 2009

De Pas, D'Urbino and Lomazzi

If you have to ask, one thing I really want for Christmas this year is the Joe chair, designed by De Pas, Durbino and Lomazzi for Poltronova in the late 1960's. These guys were a cool-ass design team with incredible originality. Back in their heyday they made design seem full of possibilities, crazy and serious at the same time. Among their designs, spanning 40 years with almost as many companies, they are responsible for the Sciangai coat rack (also on my list), the Milano sofa (oh man, also on my list...maybe this post should have been about the sofa...), and various other classics of Italian design. Some of their work has landed in MoMA's permanent collection and they are still going, despite the passing of De Pas in 1991.

Back to the Joe. I do not want it in the plastic, outdoor, Heller version, which, despite my respect for Heller as a strong American design brand, is not a correct representation of what this chair is about. I do not want the Vitra miniature.

I want the soft, brown, leather, full-size chair. Imagine how good it gets as it wears in like a true glove.

My wife will never go for it.

Here is a bonus pic of the Milano sofa
(understand, it has down cushions and is probably the softest man-made thing you will ever sit on.)

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