Monday, November 16, 2009

American Apparel

At The Sound of Young America this week, Jesse Thorn interviews possibly the most popular blogger on the planet, and certainly the most-followed fashion blogger: Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist.

Schuman's street style blog has been so successful because he knows where to go and when, he has a good eye, and he connects with his subjects very quickly; his pictures are visually interesting not only because of the clothes but because of the personalities they capture.

Increasingly many of the photos on The Sartorialist are from commissions of one kind or another, and Schuman seems to take himself much more seriously than he did when he started out; I suppose on some level that is only natural when a hobby becomes a job. Still, I remain a big fan of the blog, so it's interesting to hear him discuss the motivations and interactions behind it. Click to listen:

The Sartorialist blog
The Sartorialist, a book of Schuman's photos published earlier this year
The Sound of Young America podcast

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