Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Class, for Clunkers

Another old car I walk by and, well, admire is not quite the right word…maybe appreciate. I can pretty much guarantee that at least a few readers of our blog know this exact car and its seemingly eternal resting place.

Back in the day, the attainable yet luxurious spaciousness of a car like this made a certain segment of Americans (e.g., grandparents) feel important. "Let's go for a ride" meant tripping around the town on a mobile davenport in your own personal Texas.

They just don't make 'em like they used to.


Beezer said...

"Davenport" and "own personal Texas"...genius.

Anonymous said...

Well, I got to pet Ivy 5 strokes last night. I was feeling especially bad, so it was a treat. She acted like she didn't know what was happening, then moved away on the bed about 6 inches only....didn't FLY off in a whirl, so then I talked to her and she purred!!!
I'm responding to this post because it's easier to add something on to an existing comment. Plus, I had lots of gin and want to communicate. Thanks.