Friday, August 21, 2009

Your Weekly Mr. Littlejeans

...Inez edition:

Inez is a tiny, tiny little wild animal that lives with us. She was born in the backyard of a Brooklyn brownstone, and trapped by the owners along with her brother, sister, and mom because it was getting cold out. They kept the mom and gave the other two cats away, and we got Inez when she was about two months old – she fit in the palm of my hand. She's a sweet cat but she's almost six and is still basically feral. She's not much of a pet but we feel we are doing our duty by providing her with (as Emily says) three hots and a cot. She also scratched the shit out of our new couch which really pissed me off. Pretty cute though.


Beezer said...

The elusive Inez?! I gasped when I saw her. I didn't think you had any pictures of her.

I like her tuxedo and smudge. :)

Anonymous said...

My Ivy sounds similar to Inez, though I'm having an easier time with her. I've had Ivy for 9 months. She sleeps with me now, plus plays with me if I don't move off my bed. No touching is allowed. She runs like the devil when I'm upright. I liked hearing about Inez. Ivy was a stray, then returned to the Humane Society by the first person who adopted her. I'm glad I have her. When I see Jeans, I want to put my head on him. I hope we can get closer to Inez and Ivy.