Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Third Place

Sarah Stolfa Joanna O'Malley, 2005

Sarah Stolfa's series of photos depicting patrons of McGlinchey's, one of the oldest neighborhood taverns in Philadelphia, was first shown at Gallery 339 in Philly, and have now been collected in a book, The Regulars, with an introduction by Jonathan Franzen.

Sarah Stolfa Ed Taylor, 2005

Sarah Stolfa Arpson Bravos, 2005

To me these photos seem tangentially related to those of Andrew Bush. Stolfa's series shows Americans in that classic respite from work, that home away from home, the third place – the neighborhood bar; Bush's photos show Americans and their uniquely personal relationships with driving in their cars. People driving seem more isolated, though sometimes there are groups of people in the cars. Stolfa's Regulars are also on their own but the context is different in that they are individuals in a room full of people. I'm not sure what to make of all that (or rather, I don't have time to explore it at the moment...) but it's kind of interesting, maybe.

Sarah Stolfa Robert Fleeger, 2005

Sarah Stolfa Sanna Pisano, 2005

If you're in New York, stop by McNally Jackson Books (52 Prince Street between Lafayette and Mulberry) at 6pm tonight to pick up a signed copy of The Regulars and hear Stolfa discuss the series.

More photos and info at Gallery 339 and at Stolfa's NYC home, the venerable Bruce Silverstein. The Regulars is published by Artisan Books.

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