Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Escaping Everything

The New York Times and others are reporting that artist Dash Snow has died of a drug overdose. There has been and will be a lot of bad things said about Dash Snow. He was a friend of friends, but I never actually met him and don't have much of an opinion about him on a personal level. He was mostly known for his polaroids, the photographic evidence of a way of living that in itself could have been some kind of performance piece – but I most identify with and continue to be inspired by his collages and collage-like installations, which to some may seem shallow or purely driven by aesthetics, but which to me display a fascinating singular viewpoint and hint at a spacious inner life. Here's a small selection from the great shows he had at Rivington Arms several years back.

Rest in peace, Dash Snow...we hardly knew yeh.

All artwork courtesy Rivington Arms.

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