Friday, April 24, 2009

The Game is On

Last night we went to the Crocodile for a fundraiser to support Dow Constantine's bid for King County Executive (that's him on the left, with Emily). My friend Jason is working on the campaign and has been re-explaining local politics to me.

Krist Novoselic hosted the party, along with Kim Thayil, Susan Silver, Dave Dederer, John Roderick, Kerri Harrop, Victoria Gentry, Dave Meinert, and several people performed. I was really looking forward to seeing John Roderick from the Long Winters – my brother and I had planned to see them a few times in Brooklyn but each time we got around to buying the tickets, the shows were sold out.

He only played like five songs but they were great – they sounded kind of like this:

John Roderick/The Long Winters Shapes (live) mp3

So that was cool.

While we're talking politics, this deserves some attention – MSNBC is conducting a "live vote" on President Obama's first 100 days. If you are of the mind to do so, you can go here and choose a letter grade that represents your feelings on his performance. The Republicans, toadies that they are, are packing the ballot box with "F" votes, and it shouldn't really matter, but these polls do end up shaping public opinion, seems like. So, again, if you're inclined, head over there and give him an honest grade.

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