Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This is probably the most coolhunterish-looking thing we'll ever post, but these new animations in Anne Lislegaard's show 2062 at the University of Washington's Henry Art Gallery are worth a look.

2062 is inspired by "seminal works of science fiction" by Ursula K. LeGuin, Samuel R. Delany, and J.G. Ballard (who, coincidentally, died the day after this exhibition opened).

All the conceptual stuff aside for the moment, the animations are visually stunning – the black, white, and shades of gray fold over and into each other to create a totally lush environment. The tension between the very modern interiors and the wild jungle outside is captivating; oddly enough, the light reminded me a little of this scene in Platoon, at about 1:25 when the jungle gets lit up.

There are color animations in the show as well, and structurally they are as interesting, but they didn't grab me quite as much as the black and white pieces. I guess maybe the colors are a little, well, coolhunter, or Karim Rashid, for me.

You can watch some video below, though it can't really do it justice – the real-life screens are huge.

Anyway, I recommend checking it out and I think I might even go back and see it again myself. Anne Lislegaard: 2062 will be at the Henry through August 23, 2009. More info and images at and check out Anne Lislegaard's website here.

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