Friday, January 23, 2009

Your Weekly Mr. Littlejeans

I had hoped to get a photo of Jeans in our new place, but he's still kind of freaked out – we decided to wait till last night to move him and Inez from my mom's house, since I left for New York the day after we moved in, and then we had a houseguest for a week. We thought it would just be too much new information for them to process. Now we have the place to ourselves and the cats are finally there, freaking the F out as they deal with their third house in 4 months.

Hey, buddy, right there with ya. A lotta that going around.

So instead, a photo from calmer times.
Herein, Fang surveys his former estate in Brooklyn:

Look at the power of those mousers, just waiting to strike when the sun goes down again. Soft and furry – yes – a truly handsome creature, and the picture of calm. But make no mistake: you are admiring the iron serenity of a deadly killer.

Anyway, there he is – pretty cute, right? I'm sure that soon he will love our new place as much as we do and the Seattle photoshoots will re-commence.

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