Thursday, January 22, 2009

Read The Book That Wrote Itself

Last Thursday afternoon, my brother and I had a chance to cruise around the galleries in Chelsea for a couple hours.

My favorite show of the day, at Pace Wildenstein, was by Jim Dine (born 6/16/1935 in Cincinnati, moved to New York in 1957).

Hot Dream (52 Books) represents the content and ideas contained within a collection of books Dine put together, one for every week of the year.

To say the exhibition is densely layered would be to understate it a bit. I could have happily walked around in there for a day or more.

The actual books, all 52 of them, were published by Steidl in an edition of 500, and are available from the gallery for $480 (postage paid).

I opted instead for the smaller exhibition catalog – here are some spreads, click to enlarge:

More about Dine and the exhibition here and here.

Hot Dream (52 Books) is up at Pace Wildenstein (534 West 25th Street, NYC) through February 7th.

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