Thursday, January 29, 2009

Free Design

In the neverending search for good podcasts (I have a hard time listening to music while I work sometimes – I end up focusing on it too closely, it distracts me), I almost can't believe I never knew about Design Matters, Debbie Millman's long-running series of interviews with notable designers. Particularly good, of the ones I've listened to so far, are interviews with hometown heroes Modern Dog and Art Chantry, and the series of interviews on art direction with the venerable Stephen Heller. Stefan Sagmeister, Luke Hayman, Michael Bierut, Milton Glaser, and many more await.

Check it out here or at Debbie Millman's blog.

And because I don't really have any images to go with this post, and I'm in a hurry, here are ten random images plucked from my hard drive:

Phone camera photo my dad took of Mt. Rainier

Anne Demeulemeester in the 3rd floor office of Le Corbusier's house

Twen magazine

Photograph by David Bailey. I always think this picture is like me and Emily, like an illustration of our personalities or something, except obviously that dude is way chicer than me.

Old poster

Another old poster

Absinthe ad

Edward Gorey

Lucky Lager

Hooded bandits

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