Friday, January 30, 2009

Exclusive Interview

Huh. Fabien Baron is leaving his post as co-Editorial Director at the newly re-invigorated Interview magazine (and taking Creative Director Karl Templer with him) to be succeeded by M/M Paris. Should be no less interesting, really, though Jeremy Leslie has a good point: are Baron and M/M the only options? Obviously not, but it's weird that M/M also succeeded Baron at Paris Vogue. Well…whatever. The world continues to rotate.

Above, Andy Warhol interviews former assistant to Diana Vreeland and Melvin Sokolsky, Ali Macgraw – from the video section of Interview's attractive new website.

I still recommend subscribing – you get 18 issues for $10! That's like five Oly's at Redwood, with tip!

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Anonymous said...

M/M didnt replace Baron at Paris Vogue. Baron took M/M position there. So all this sounds like a payback.