Monday, December 8, 2008

Present Life, Past Lives

Some miscellany for Monday as I'm juggling a ton of stuff this week.

The other day Emily and I took a walk through the woods in Seward Park, one of several Olmstead-designed parks on Lake Washington.

It's kind of crazy having an old-growth forest in the middle of Seattle – it feels really remote in parts. The other day I was there (just me) and this song came up on shuffle, which was weird and cool and added to the mood:

Grand Hallway Seward Park mp3 (More info at The Stranger.)

It is rare and memorable when shuffle gets something right.

Saturday we walked along the waterfront on a path that goes north out of downtown Seattle.

There's a big grain elevator there and this ship from Panama was unloading its haul, while another waited at anchor in Elliott Bay.

Sometimes even just looking at boats feels like vacation. After that we went to Lowell's in the market and had some clams and Manny's.

Later that night we went to The Anne Bonny and caught the opening of Bald Man Art, a new exhibition by Ezra Dickenson, while enjoying some refreshing beverages with gallerist and proprietor Spencer Moody. I recommend stopping by soon and often – it's a great show and the Anne B has a never-ending collection of interesting things going on.

Tonight Spencer's band Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive To Death is playing at the Showbox. Here's a video for their song "Demolition Man."

Triumph of Lethargy is playing with Past Lives. I meant to post about the record release party for the new Past Lives EP several weeks ago, and not just because it had one of the cooler flyers I've seen recently:

Past Lives is destined for greatness – check out some samples on their MySpace page, pick up the EP now at Suicide Squeeze, and head over to their website for more info.

And I think that pretty much brings us up to speed for the moment….

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