Sunday, November 23, 2008

In an Instant

A recent post by a former Visionaire crony of mine, the decidedly NSFW JD Ferguson, reminded me of Schohaja – a somewhat mysterious photographer who used to send our photo editor big boxes of Polaroids shot backstage at the Paris couture shows each season. Photos from each individual show would arrive rubber-banded together and I used to love going through them and choosing my favorites to put in the magazine or on the website. Here are a few:

Above and top: Givenchy

Christian Lacroix

Armani Privé


There's something great about the imperfection of the shots, contrasting as it does with the absolute precision of couture. The unpredictable color and distortions of the Polaroids convey the specter of all the work that went into making a garment and putting the show together, culminating in this one fleeting moment.

John Galliano for Dior


Armani Privé

Jean-Paul Gaultier

Visit and search for "Schohaja" for more couture images, and to view her other work.

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