Friday, August 1, 2008

Travelin' Man

Some random images from my travels through Brooklyn yesterday.

Listen while you look:
Stanley Cowell Travelin' Man mp3

Fort Greene

Fort Greene

Brooklyn Heights

Read God's word, the Holy Bible, daily.
Read God's word: The Holy Bible Daily

I had the random thought walking past this empty lot that parts of Seattle are a little like Williamsburg, but without the dead-rat smell.

Chad & Lily at the biergarten. If you know a female that's down with the Lench Mob, watch your step 'cause the gat is kept in the purse like my homegirl YoYo.

Max Bill, Chadrobot, J.Ralph Phillips

And finally, the cat at Duff's in one of its less-violent moments.

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chad krobot said...

i need the doppelganger photo.