Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Massive Moves

We're moving.
There, I said it.
Employers have been told and all stops have been pulled out. Our lease is up September 14th and we're headed west, to Seattle. There was a chance we were going to stay here because I was very honored to be considered for the art director position at Vogue. I had two interviews but it didn't ultimately pan out. We were planning to move anyway, so it's no big deal, it was just one of those things where if you're asked to interview for a job like that, you have to do it, and if I had gotten it we would have stayed a bit longer. Since I didn't, we're on the move.
We already bought a place: a condo in a 1967 building on Capitol Hill, at the corner of Melrose and Harrison. We got it through Redfin last October and have been renting it out since then.

One whole wall is windows, and the view is pretty sweet.
(And no, jerky, those are not our decorations.)

It sits above the freeway but the glass is very thick, so it's not loud.

There's a little stairway/park right next to it. Littlejeans and Inez will be able to look at pigeons down below and think their violent, murderous thoughts.

We'll miss Ali, Muhammad, et al in our corner stores here in Brooklyn. Honestly, our new one in Seattle (above) is a better store overall, but they could learn to make a fricking sandwich.

We are dangerously close to Top Pot Doughnuts.This place is good too (Artemis). It's just down the street.

There are some little galleries and studios in the neighborhood (some of which were there when we lived at Summit & Thomas, before we left for New York in 1999).

I took all those photos last fall when I went out there to sign the closing documents. I picked up the keys on my birthday, October 31st. It's rented out through the end of the year, so we're going to stay with my mom for the first few months, in Madison Valley.

So there it is—I've been beating around the bush, but now it's official. Not surprisingly, this blog will be obsessed with the transition from Brooklyn to Seattle in the next several months, in between the regular flow of gritty and pretty. I expect it will be quite an adventure.


Lee said...

YAY!!!! Now get your Bro' motivated.

JMW said...


I'm actually excited for you, but this a huge blow to Brooklyn. I will escape NY vicariously through you. And congrats on even making it so far into the process for such an illustrious job. Luckily, though, illustrious or not, it won't impede you now from your more general World Takeover.

dottie said...

we'll be neighbors on the hill & yes, top pot is too close. way too close.

Joey_Veltkamp said...

awesome, we'll be neighbors until you move into your condo!